Yemi Alade Speaks On Her Style & Fashion


Yemi Alade, is one of the most fashionable female musicoan and has over the years carved out her own style which has won her many admirers.

In a recent chat with Nonye Ben, for Punch Nigeria, Yemi Alade talks about her personal style, her fashion faux pas, her love for wearing shorts and more.

Read excerpts from her chat below:

On her style and African identity:

When it comes to hairstyle, this is what I know. I don’t know how to take care of weaves and hair extensions. If a stylist isn’t there, my hair would turn out horrible, I would look like somebody who just got hit by a car. I may have everything I need to make the hair look good but once I am the one doing it, it can never work. I decided to go natural and since then, I am fine. I sleep and wake up and just do a bit of touch up and I am fine. It suits me and I love it.


On why she dresses African:

I started acquiring African wear about four years ago.  I never had any African outfit. When I started this career and I needed to explore, I found out that most of the western clothes are basic. With Ankara, you can find varieties in patterns. I decided to go for creativity. I wanted to create my stuff. That was how the love for ankara started. It has worked for me all this while. It is actually entertaining me. Maybe if I get bored, I might look for another style. But I doubt it; Ankara is a very lovely fabric.

On her fashion faux pas

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I don’t trust myself. I can wear anything. But you cannot catch me in my birthday suit. There is no way you will see me 100 per cent naked. That will be too much. Nonetheless, expect anything with Yemi Alade.


On her love for wearing shorts

I do love wearing shorts. They allow you express yourself and people can see what you are doing with your legs when you are wearing shorts especially when you are dancing. Shorts keep me comfortable. I am energetic on stage because I eat well. You can’t dance well if you don’t eat. Being happy with what I am doing also makes me dance so well. I also try to keep fit. You need all the energy if you must be on the stage performing for almost two hours. It is my joy when people feel the energy and sing along with me.

On acquiring gold jewellry:

I don’t have any. My mum has quite a number of them but I don’t have. I know gold is expensive and some people see it as investment. But to me, it is just jewellery. It is even boring, it is just gold, it is just there and would even select your clothes.

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