Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan (Born September 30, 1974) is a Nigerian film actor, producer and director, known for Phone Swap (2012), October 1 (2014) and The Figurine (2009).

Kunle Afolayan is of Yoruba descent. He is the son of the famous theater and film director and producer Ade Love. He majored in economics

Before he became a filmmaker, He started off as an actor in 1998, and when the zeal , anxiety and dream of wanting to become a filmmaker came, he approached established filmmakers like Tade Ogidan and Tunde Kelani.

Tunde Kelani gave him audience and when he said he wanted to be a filmmaker,Kelani asked him  said what does he know about films? Told him filmmaking is not a fluke – you have to learn it, you need to go to school – Kelani adviced him he start as an actor, that if he started as an actor, he could start like his father.

When it was time for them to shoot Saworoide movie, they invited him for an audition and he scaled through and that was how he started as an actor.  But, the following year, he started working in the bank so that didn’t give him room to feature in so many films, so while in the bank between 1998 and 2004 he didn’t feature in up to ten films.
So in 2004 he said to himself that he does not belong in the bank, Even though  he was making money, he was comfortable, had a car, and was living in a 4 bedroom flat but it wasn’t really what he wanted to do and one day he resigned, stayed home for 8 months doing research on what he wanted to do.
Afterwards he went to school, did a diploma in digital filmmaking, and came back, set up a production office, it was quite small, just two people.