Shocking photos from the world’s most overcrowded jail

overcrowded jail

In the world’s most overcrowded jail, cells built for 30 people are crammed with up to 130 criminals.

With barely any space to move, convicts can be seen glumly staring from behind bars as every inch of space is used.

These shocking images show how a bloody drugs war in the Philippines is forcing jails to breaking point with dozens of criminals packed into tiny cells.

An investigation by Sky News reveals that Quezon City Jail currently has more than 3,000 inmates within its walls – despite being built to only house 800.

President Rodrigo Duterte has pledged to beat drugs in the nation by any means necessary.

His crackdown has seen more than 40,000 drug-related arrests since July but the impact on jails has meant many inmates are forced to sleep in recreation areas as there is no room whatsoever in cells.

Crammed in like battery cage hens, more than 130 people sleep in cells built for no more than 30.

Lying side by side, the criminals do not even have enough room to stretch out.

As many as 10 people will also share a single bunk, Sky News reports.



Source – AFP photos/MirrorUK

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