See 5 Pieces Of Garbage You Should Throw Out Of Your Life


When my husband started law school, we moved hundreds of miles away from family and friends. I knew nobody and I could hardly navigate our town with the million one-way streets. I had a lot of doubt about what my husband and I were doing, why we felt we were supposed to be in this town, how I was going to raise a family so far away from my family, etc.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, self-doubt leads to anxiety and depression, which, in turn, leads to numerous physical and mental consequences like weight gain, high blood pressure and chronic fatigue.

When doubt creeps into our minds, when we start to question “why,” it can consume us. It can tear us down until we give up on everything. However, it doesn’t have to. When you start to experience doubt, pull out your notebook and make a list of all the good in your situation. Think about your good qualities, about the blessings and tender mercies you receive each and every day. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to someone about your feelings. Positivity from another person is the perfect way to throw out any doubt you have about yourself or your current situation.

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