Sambisa Nollywood Movie: The First Boko Haram Movie, Watch Trailer


The story ‘Sambisa‘ is centered around the abduction of Chibok girls, their method on survival in the forest and means of escape.

Written and directed by Uche Aguh, the movie ‘Sambisa’ is a short film, based off the stage play “Into the Sambisa”, also written by Uche Aguh highlights the Chibok School-girl abduction scandal which occured in Borno state, Northern Nigeria, in 2014.

Over 200 girls were abducted by Boko Haram Soldiers and were taken into the Sambisa Forest. Some have escaped, while many remain in captivity. Now, more than two years passed, these girls are still no where to be found.

The film stars Shardiah Ssagala, Ejiro OkoroduduJosh OkusanyaTomi SunmonuUche Aguh among others. While the Cinematography is by Dennis Schmitz.

Watch Movie Trailer below:

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