Nollywood are planning my death – Ernest Asuzu

Few days ago Ernest Asuzu was in the news after been given N1.5m and a car by pastor of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta state.

Ernest has been away from Nollywood for quite a while as he was down with partial stroke but was healed by this same pastor.

Ernest Asuzu actor

In an interview with Kemi Filani, the Actor spoke at length on his plight and the producer responsible for his illness. Below is an expert from the interview:

Nollywood? No! I’m aiming at Hollywood. Nigerian music industry is full of evil. I can’t be part of them; I am a child of God. They almost took my life of out greed and jealousy. I’ll be going to America soon; over there I can join Hollywood. I think their lives are simpler and less complicated.

“However, on a second thought, I think I can give Nollywood a trial, if I am approached my God-fearing producers, I might give a trial.”

“God in heaven knows that I didn’t do anybody wrong in Nollywood, yet they planned to kill me. One man, a popular move producer ( I don’t want to mention his name), looked at me at a movie location at Asaba and told me that, that would be my last acting job ever and he almost made that happen.”

“Yes, I was still on set, then two days later I fell ill and I had no money on me. I called my wife to send me some money, which she did. A friend later came to my rescue. He managed to fix me inside a bus back to Lagos. All through my journey to Lagos, I was sleeping all through. As we got to Lagos, I tried to open the door and fell off. The passengers and driver all rallied round and came to rescue.”

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“They carried me back into the bus and took me to wife and brother. When my brother saw me in that critical condition, he shook his head and asked, Ernest who did this to you? I could not respond, I was just staring at him. For three days, I was just stoolling and vomiting, I couldn’t eat.”

“I was taken to the hospital and the doctors diagnosed me and said I was suffering from partial stroke. That was how it all started.”

Well, I’m back to Lagos for good. I’m also making plans to travel out with my wife. I really need a break from all these dramas. When we return, then we know how to continue. I hope to start off a new life Ernest Asuzu is back…..fully back!”

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