Mide Funmi Martins: Why My Husband Afeez Owo Packed Out Of His Abule Egba House

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In this exclusive chat with NET, Nollywood star actress Mide funmi Martins opens up on why her husband of 13 years suddenly quit their marriage.

Hear her:

“I am still in my husband’s house; he was the one that moved out. He left me at home with the children for no reason.”

“We had a fight. It was a minor fight, which I felt could be resolved without anyone knowing about it. Couples have issues everywhere in the world.

This is a man I have been married to for the past 13 years; you can imagine how many issues we must have had in the past 13 years? Whether I was the one at fault, or he was wrong, we have had a bigger issue, which we resolved amicably.

The painful part of it was that the one that led to him leaving the house was just a minor issue. The fight was over the well being of our kids and the next thing my husband did was to move out of the house.

I believe he had been planning to leave the house; he just used that as an excuse to do so. He moved out and two weeks after he left, I heard he has rented another apartment where he now stays.

Why did he make that choice? Why didn’t he think of coming back to the house to resolve the issue with his wife? I am his woman. I have been his wife for the past 13 years. I’m still in his house in Abule Egba. Anyone that is close to me knows where I stay.

We have been living there for about four years and I am still there with my kids. He abandoned me with the children, I never moved out.”

Afeez Owo on the other hand has told close friends that he will not be commenting on his failed marriage for now. He promises to open up in the future.

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  1. Mrs Olugbemi

    July 9, 2016 at 8:41 am

    Mrs mide the only advise I will give to you is to pray, dnt report him to any body again go on your nells with prayer that God Almighty should touch his heart, while doing this dnt run eter scater to go to any man for help or any of your friends gives you advise to go to abalist house pls dnt had anything to what you are doing expect fasting and prayer, don’t allow any man to have anything with you wait unto the Lord be of good courage and Lord God Almighty will strengthen you he will uphold you, and also pray for forgiveness of sin have faith in it and am very sure it works just have faith, before three weeks you will give testimony.

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