Lol…Guys, oya answer this truthfully (no forming!)


From the Facebook page of relationship expert Cynthia Valerian Raphaels. Oya guys, answer truthfully o.

This got me cracking, Biko who big penis don help before? Please moderate ones and how to use them is my speck, big dick not my speck !!

Hello Cynthia how are u doing. Pls i have this important discussion or debate i came across on a social media.
I want you trow it open to your perliament for their views. It is said that men with Big dick cheat a lot. Reason is said that the men like to show off to women what the got, believing that women crave for their king of pipe.

They are bold to cheat having at the back of their minds that every woman will love to be tested by them. Afterall they get what every woman will love.


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