Job Seekers: 6 Things You Must Remove From Your CV That is Stopping You From Getting a Job


Thinking of landing that dream job? Here is the right way to start and attract the right companies.

The working world is always changing and your CV needs to reflect that. Here are some things you definitely DON’T want on your CV in 2016 and beyond.
1. Irrelevant lists of previous jobs
“Some industries do typically have longer CVs – for example, medical doctors should list all their job roles from their training upwards. IT CVs also tend to be quite long if the person has been involved in a number of different projects, but these are exceptions to the rule.
Whether or not you should list your previous roles really depends on whether they are relevant to your future career. If the skills you’ve acquired will prove useful in the future, then you should probably include them, even if it was a long time ago. Usually, you won’t need to go into as much detail about these earlier job roles than you do your recent experience, but it can be valuable to show how your skills have evolved.
I don’t think that we will be seeing a return to exhaustive lists of previous work on CVs. Recruiters have so little time to review each one that the key is to make an impression on them as quickly as possible, which isn’t achieved by sending them a novel!”
2. Spelling and grammar mistakes
“Typos are easily made but not always easy to spot. As I wrote in The CV Book, a spellcheck won’t pick up on mistakes such as ‘working in a busty office’, but you can guarantee that recruiters will find them. If you are claiming that you have an excellent eye for detail but your CV contains even one typo, it could make all the difference. Always proofread your CV carefully.”
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