Hottt! 7 Basic Things You Should Know Before Marrying A Yoruba Girl


Find below some of the things you should know about Yoruba girls before you go on to marry one:


Before you get married to a Yoruba girl, you should know that her Saturdays would be booked. There would always one party of the other for her to attend. Even when she does not have valid invitation card, she would find a way to create a bond with the host and give you a reason why she has to be there.

They take it upon themselves to celebrate with people around them. This means you will keep buying asoebi as long as you are married to them.

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    it so funny

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      hmmmm has yoruba lady! nice one

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    October 27, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Hmm am proud to be a yoruba girl

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    Proudly YORUBA. Wiffy materials

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    Not all these are true!

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    am so proud of my land and we are d best yoruba girls

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    Confirm yoruba girl

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    am proud of them yoruba girl not evrything u just said is true, 9ice 1.

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