Halima Abubakar Speaks About Marriage


Halima Abubakar has revealed real reason why she would is not yet married and is not seriously considering it.

The nollywood actress said, for her, being spiritual is a big deal and it is needed before taking marriage very serious.

“People need to know themselves seriously. When I say seriously, I mean spiritually before getting married. People only know themselves physically, not spiritually, so they end up getting bored with each other. And they will say they don’t want to get divorce because of what society would say after investing so much on the marriage,” she said.

The actress however said that marriage is overrated and too much of a headache. She made it clear that her marital status or lack thereof is nobody’s business.
“Marriage has been overrated. It’s unnecessarily over rated. It’s just too much of headache with how things are now. Even ordinary relationship is a huge burden, huge headache and heartbreaking, let alone marriage. When you can’t stand each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, how would you live together under the same roof when you get married?” she queried.

Halima Abubakar has starred in several movies and clinched several awards like City people’s Best Actress Award in 2011, The Afro Hollywood Award in London as Best Supporting Actress. Halima, today, has become a force to reckon with as a leading role model to youngsters who desire to pursue their passion.

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