Frank Artus “Return My Money Or Die By Fire” – Angry Woman Threatens Nollywood Actor


Angry Woman claims Frank Artus is owing her money he is yet to pay it.

Out of nowhere, there is a woman who claims the actor has come for her cash.

The woman known as Char Janssen on Facebook has threatened to kill the actor if he doesn’t return the amount he has taken from her.

The angry woman in Facebook live videos has accused the actor born to Egyptian dad and Liberian mother of taking cash from her. She asked Ghanaians and Liberians to tell Frank Artus to pay her back the amount she received from her else he will die before his time.

“All of you have gone silence. You people will not tell that your witch brother to return my money. All you Liberians on my list thinking that I’m telling lies about him, won’t you people tell him to bring me my money?
Is it when they will come and carry his body that you people will start contributing to pay my money? I am asking all fans of Frank Artus, don’t you people see that he has financial problem?

I’m begging you all Ghanaians and Liberians, if you love Frank Artus then contribute and pay me back because if he doesn’t pay me I’ll go to the juju in my village and put everything about him in that juju and that time you people will start contributing for his burial.

You people should tell him to return the money of a widow and that of orphans” the angry roman said.

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