Didi Ekenem: My Bum Makes Me Very Active And Flexible In Bed


Akwa-ibom ladies never cease to amaze us with their belief. Many know them for their special skills in the kitchen and in bed. This hot sultry Actress, Didi Ekanem has given us more reasons to believe in their undying talents. She is also one of the most endowed Actresses in Nollywood.


In an interview with Potpurri, Didi was asked if there is truth in the train of though that women who are endowed with big butts are lazy in bed. She replied by saying,

I will speak for myself, because I feel girls with big bums are usually very lazy in bed, but for me I’m very active, so, I’ll just speak for myself. I’m very flexible with my bum. Of course, I use it very well.”


Earlier on, Didi had told reporters how a mad man once grabbed her butt on the street while she walked past him. It seems people can’t get enough of the voluptuous actress.


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