Ayomide Dawodu: Seniority Fight In Yoruba Movie Industry Nearly Made Me Quite Acting

Ayomide Dawodu movies

Yoruba actress, Ayomide Dawodu has explained how she almost quit acting for another profession due to the seniority fight that usually occur among the Yoruba movie stars especially the ladies.

Ayomide, who is one of the elegant babes rocking the scene at the moment made this known to a correspondent early today via a telephone chat.

When we asked about her regret moment in the industry so far, the damsel said, “my regret moment was when some of our colleagues in the industry would have to fight just for them to be address as “aunty”.

You have to call them aunty by force which I don’t think make any sense.  Though, one has to be respective especially to those who are older than you but some of them just like to fight to earn the respect and whenever you fill like keeping to yourself by not talking to anyone, they hastily jump into conclusion that you got pride.

Also, any romantic scene you play with the opposite sex, they believe that you are dating the person for real. All these really discouraged me initially but I thank God for everything now”,Ayomide explained.

If you must know, She got into acting in 2010 via a caucus in Abeokuta, Ogun State-Nigeria before she left the city for Lagos in 2011 for a reason best known to her. Sexy Ayomide is now enjoying best of times in the industry as she is now one of the most featured new actresses in the industry.

Ayomide Dawodu

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