Adeniyi Johnson has been given a death treat over a secret love child


Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex, Adeniyi Johnson Threatened Over Secret Love Child

In the comment section of one of his recent posts on Instagram, which has him posing with Nollywood acts, Mike Ezuruonye, Ushbebe and Peggy Ovire, on set of a new movie, UFUOMA, a follower bravely called him out and placing hard accusations on Adeniyi Johnson.

The user says that the actor has a secret love child named Enny, who currently is staying at Ijebu and also claimed that the actor’s real name isn’t Johnson

Below is what the user wrote:

@adeniyijohnson your shame is near please tell the world where you got Johnson from,please tell the world how you and shai had plans to hmmmm over 800k and 3 cars @peggyovire that job you called this bastard for will not sell and will floop write it down @adeniyijohnson KOSEKOSE NITI LAKOSE OHUN TI MO BA SO LOONI AROO TI ROOMO ONISE ORIRE IBANUJE LAARO LOOSAN LAALE IRAWO E MA WO OMI NI ORI GBOGBO OBA AND IRUKERE MABATIEJE,pls people stay clear this issue is sensitive and has to do with death@adeniyijohnson we have the chat the email phone videos and all please tell them who shade is and your daughter enny in ijebu tell them where you got Johnson from


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