Hey Ladies, CheckOut 7 Ways To Know You Have Lost Your Guy


Slickson put together in this piece 7 ways to know that you are no longer in a guy’s life

1) He becomes too busy: When a guy loves you and he is into you, no amount of work load can prevent him from having quality time with you; except he doesn’t reside in the same town as you. When a guy becomes too busy to share quality time with you, just know that it could be possible that you have expired in his life! You need to re-evaluate your stand, gurl.

2) He hardly call like he used to: When a guy doesn’t call you as he used to, you have probably expired in his life! The fact is that his precious air time has been re-directed to another person who his heart desires. You need to dust your a*s and move on, gurl! I know it’s painful.

3) He wouldn’t allow you to meet his family members as promised: If he has promised to take you to his parents and other family members previously but now unwilling to do that, it is a very clear sign that you have expired in his life! He must have switched gears and changed plans. The truth is that he doesn’t consider you worthy to be introduced as a wife-to-be!

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