5 Plain Reasons Why Your Woman Might Cheat on You

 “Women cheat for the same reasons men do, such as lack of discipline to keep their word, lack of integrity to be honest when they are unhappy, and lack of courage to leave and start afresh. All the aforementioned are a big fat lack of backbone.” she said
1. Sihle, 26, in a relationship says she benefits from cheat*ng.
“I cheat not because I don’t love my man, but truth is love is not enough. My other guy is taking care of things that my man can’t afford.
“I ended up in a situation where I started cheat*ng because one man came into my life and introduced things I never used to get from my boyfriends. The man I was cheat*ng with was married but he gave me enough attention, made me feel special bought my clothes, took me to school. Once a man shows you they can do everything your man can’t, those things attract you to them. He took care of me the way I wanted to be loved and cared for.
“It becomes a vicious cycle and it’s hard to let go of that habit.”
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