11 Things Men Would Never Ever Understand About Ladies


CheckOut 11 things guys will never have the opportunity of understanding.

1. The need for a ponytail holder on your wrist

Guys will never understand the need to sometimes wear an elastic band on your wrist. They will also never understand how great it is to get one stretched out enough to not cut off your circulation when you’re wearing it. They’ll never get how real the struggle is when there’s just that extra bit left after you’ve wrapped it around your hair a few times with not enough of it to fit around another time. And they’ll never empathize with the pain you have when one day, the precious favorite band snaps and there is nothing to do but put it in the garbage can.

2. Social pressure to be thin

Your body is under scrutiny from people who have no right to care. Men have more wiggle room with what’s an acceptable weight, but society prescribes what’s ideal for women. Even if you are a woman confident enough to let these pressures slide off, these pressures have still attempted to attack you at some point in your life.

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