10 Things You Should NEVER EVER Do To Your Vir-gina

The va-gina is super sensitive, and tampering with it can result in irritation or infections. The great thing about your va-gina is that it’s a self-cleaning body part that should be relatively low-maintenance.

Don’t mess with the hair there: Hair removal is great, but waxing is the best option. Though trimming is also good as long as only the hair are being chopped. Waxing hurts for the first time but the pain reduces with each session. If you are a delicate, at least use a female razor designed for sensitive area like this. Men’s razors are not an option as they are designed for beards that are coarse. The blades will simply cause rash and burning. Hair removal creams are worst because they cause discolouration because of the harsh chemical which is too harsh.

Pierce it: Because of fashion, piercing the genitals is really popular, and while it may look very badass and possibly make you feel different sensations, it isn’t the best idea. Genital piercings can be safe if they’re done correctly, but unfortunately, it is really difficult to know whether you’re getting it done correctly or not. Piercings can also lead to a lot of irritation and can snag on things during $ex, which can quickly lead to a trip to the hospital. So, you’re better off not getting this part of your body pierced.

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