10 things men need to know after their wife becomes a mommy

Family Reading

Family Reading

I decided to make a list of things that every husband needs to know after his wife has become a mother:
1. Your woman feels ugly

No man could understand the many conflicting feelings she has about her body after birth. On one hand, she realizes her body is incredible — it just created a human being! But she can also feel upset over certain ways her body has changed.

Complex, I know.

Along with many other changes, her belly (one of the parts of her body that she cherishes) was stretched to the limit, causing stretch marks.

She has gained weight — something that no woman likes.

What can you do? Never fail to praise your wife. Look into her eyes when you compliment her.

When she asks you something about her body, gently encourage her. If she is worried about being overweight, tell her that she will soon return to normal. Remind her that her body just gave you both the greatest gift.

2. Your woman is obsessed with her baby

You’re both still in the process of adjusting to all that is going on with your life, which can cause her crying spells (the famous baby blues). But still, her life has irreversibly changed, and she’s completely obsessed with her little one.

This obsession is part of the process of adaptation. It is also the maternal instinct she just cannot control.

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