10 Simple Ways To Make Your Husband Love And Cherish You Forever


This won’t apply for every guy, but there are some fairly universal truths herein, so pick and choose what you think works for you, if you’re looking to have a man keep loving you until you’re both old enough to wear pajamas all day and complain about the government full-time.

1. Praise his man-hood — often.

There are guys who actually do exist who don’t get off on being told their junk is more amazing than cookie dough ice cream. They’re about as common as a full set of teeth in a meth lab. It doesn’t matter how many or what kind of pen*ses you’ve had before — you need to love his and think it’s just amazing and that his ability to use said man-hood is equally amazing.

This doesn’t need to be over-the-top or continuous, but occasional reminders that you’re overly fond of his junk is the mental equivalent of being wrapped in a warm blanket while sitting in front of the fire and sipping hot chocolate with Bailey’s Irish Cream in it.

2. Make a contribution to your relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with being a homemaker; it’s a damn tough job to raise kids and keep the house in order. It’s making a contribution. You can also make a contribution by making money. Hell, it’s even OK if you make more money that he does. A guy who is put off by a woman making more than he does isn’t worth having. I mean, who wouldn’t want a spouse who was raking in the cash? An insecure idiot, that’s who.

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Bring something to the relationship that makes life easier for both of you, whether that’s looking after finances, generating income, or shoving food into faces of hungry offspring. And don’t feel the need to follow stereotypical gender norms either. Bob Dylan was right: the times, they are a changin’. As an example, my wife takes care of the money and I do all the cooking.

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